Download PDF: Alcohol Policy 2018

Alcohol Policy

Liability and Responsibilities

Alcohol Charge
This charge includes: 60” round table with off white skirting and overlay, chilling of alcohol day of event only, and use of ice machine. This includes extra clean-up involved due to alcohol usage.

A Licensed Bartender is required on duty while alcohol is available. Bartender certification must be provided to the Alpine Art Center before service is allowed. We suggest that one server be required per 100 guests. Our staff is not permitted to handle alcohol nor touch/dispose of glasses. Disposing of alcohol during and after the event is the responsibility of the renting party.

Renting Party
The Alpine Art Center is renting the facility to you as a private party, and informing you of your sole liability and responsibility for you, your guests, and the handling and purchase of alcohol. An independent agreement shall be made with the Licensed Bartender for their responsibilities. The bartender is not under the employment of the Alpine Art Center.

Renting parties shall furnish all alcohol, garnish, mixers, glasses, straws, napkins, etc. Your bartender may be able to provide these items. We recommend wine and beer to reduce any liability that may arise from stronger alcohol use. All Alpine Art Center catering rules, polices, and costs apply.