Rental Costs

Standard Event Rental Includes:

All Standard Rentals Include the following: Main Gallery Room, Banquet Room, Private Dressing Rooms for Bride and Groom, 10 Round 60” tables, 80 Teakwood chairs, Set up and Clean up of all standard rental items, Background Music, Tile Dance Floor, Piano, Registration Table, 48” Cake Table, 8’ Banquet Display Table, 8’ Banquet Gift Table, Colored polyester linens for all standard tables: Ivory, White, Burgundy, Forest Green, Red, or Black. Specialty Linens and Specialty Equipment can be rented for an extra charge. (See Equipment and Linen Rentals) (Pricing does not include 6.75% sales tax.)

Standard Event Rental Times:

Evening Event                                   5 pm to 10 pm

Saturday Day                                    10 am to 3 pm

Saturday All Day                              10 am to 10 pm

Friday and Saturday Rates  

Evening                                                $1800

Friday-Saturday Day                          $1000

Saturday All Day                                 $2200

Thursday Rate

Evening                                                 $1600

Thursday Day                                       $800

Thursday All Day                                  $2000

Monday through Wednesday Rate

Evening                                                $1200

Monday-Wednesday Day                   $800

Monday-Wednesday All Day              $1600



It is required that a deposit of ½ the rental charge be made to reserve your date and event.

Extended Rental Hours

You may extend time after regularly reserved evening time. Extended hour rental  $150/hr

Garden Receptions

The gardens around the Art Center are for your enjoyment. There is no additional charge for events should you or your guest desire to walk the gardens and or take pictures. There is a rental charge when you want to move your event out of doors. The rate includes the standard event rental items. Garden receptions add  $200

Ceremony Costs

Ceremony Costs


Inside Ceremony

Includes rehearsal, 100 Teakwood Chairs, chair set up and take down, and music (speakers and sound equipment) $175

Outside Ceremony

Includes rehearsal, 100 Wrought Iron Chairs, chair set up and take down, and music (speakers and sound equipment) $225

Deluxe Ceremony

Make any ceremony deluxe by adding chair tooling for aisle way, backdrop decoration and aisle chair bows $100

Alcohol Policy

RENTING PARTY: The Alpine Art Center is renting the facility to you as a private party and wish to inform you of your sole liability and responsibility for your guests and the handling and purchase of the alcohol. An independent agreement should be made with the Licensed Bartender for their individual responsibilities and duties (they are not under the employment of the Alpine Art Center). A separate alcohol usage and service agreement must be signed with the Alpine Art Center.

Renting parties should furnish all alcohol, garnish, mixers, glasses, straws and toothpicks. Arrangements should be made with the bartender for picking up and providing these items. (expect a charge for this service.)

We recommend wine and beer bars for simplicity and reducing your liability. State law prohibits the sale of alcohol at your events as well as kegs. See Utah State Alcohol Beverage consumption licensing and service laws. A licensed bartender is required by the Alpine Art Center when serving alcohol. They are to clean up all served beverages from the tables and art center for proper disposal.

$200 Cleanup and Equipment Charge: choice of one 60″ round or one 48″ round table with champagne colored skirting and topper / walk in cooler for chilling alcohol on day of event only / ice / water / 2 water pitchers / trash can / trash can liners /napkins


TABLES 60″ or 48″ $6.00 ea.

LINENS $5.00 ea.

SKIRTING $6.00 ea.

GLASSWARE $ .45 ea. delivery charge $ 50.00

Bartender or renting party will be asked to furnish: bus tubs, ice chests, bowls, ice scoops, bottle openers, wine openers, cutting board, knife, bar towels, etc.

Equipment Costs



Projector (includes use of Blu-Ray player, DVD player, or HDMI cable) $100

37″ TV with stand (includes use of Blu-Ray player, DVD player, or HDMI cable) $35

DJ and Sound Equipment Equipment Only 0-2 Hrs $175 (additional hours $35/hr) Ask for an informational brochure on sound equipment costs.

Tables 60″ round $ 6.00

Table Banquet $7.00

Metal folding chair brown $ 1.00

Wrought Iron Lawn Chair $ 2.50

White Resin $2.00

White Fan Back $1.25

Wrought Iron 44″ Round $ 8.00

Wrought Iron 24″ square $ 6.00

Skirting 120″ cream $ 6.00

Skirting Buffet $ 29.25

Linen Overlay or  topper 72″ $ 5.00

Linen tablecloth 90″ x 156″” $ 8.00

Napkins (champagne, white) $ 0.50

Table Package 60″ table, table cloth, topper and 8 brown folding chairs $30.00

China Bistro

White 10″ Dinner Plate $0.50

7″ Luncheon or Salad Plate $0.45

6″ Saucer $0.40

6 oz. Coffee Cup $0.40


Wine Glass 8 oz, $0.45

Wine Glass 10 oz. $0.45

Flatware Esquire Style Stainless $0.40 (Flatware is priced per piece)

Chafers Manhattan Round 15 Qt. $ 15.00

Manhattan Round 8 Qt. $ 15.00

Glass Round 4 Qt. $ 12.00

Sterno Cans Ea. $ 3.00


Lantern $ 5.00

Hurricane Candle with stand $5.00

Hurricane Candle glass only $ 5.00

10″ Floating Candle bowl $ 5.00

Ivy or Pine greenery $ 3.00

12″ Diameter circular mirror $2.00