Self Catering Policy

POLICY FOR SELF CATERED EVENTS;  Caterers please pay attention to these requirements and policies. It is acceptable to use: sinks and counter top areas.  No cooking for event permissible. No refrigerators or freezer space available. Not to use our utensils, silverware, glassware etc. NO EXCEPTIONS. It is best to bring everything already prepared.  Bring in your own aprons, dish towels, soap etc if you desire to wash things here. We only provide: trash cans, and trash liners, broom, dust pan, and a mop. You are responsible for clean up of buffet serving tables and area around them as well as kitchen area and counter tops (this means sweep, mop if necessary and wipe off counters). A $200 security and cleaning deposit will be required for self catered events and will be returned upon satisfactory inspection after event. (Things we look for: cleanliness, damage, and if any equipment or utensils have been used without permission.)