Self Catering Policy

These policies are to help insure you have a most pleasant experience and event while at the Alpine Art Center. The renting party will be acting personally, or as the professional caterer, and as such understands and has agreed to the following by way of contract:


Acceptable to use


Kitchen Counter Tops

Serving Carts

Buffet Serving Tables

Buffet Area

Ice Maker

Trash Cans

Trash Liners (provided)


NOT Acceptable to use

Ovens & Stoves

Refrigerator & Freezers

Utensils (knives, tongs, spatulas, etc.)





Any items in drawers & cabinets

Caterer or those catering for renting party

All food must come prepared. Please bring in your own aprons, dish towels, utensils, etc. The Alpine Art Center will only provide trash cans, trash liners, broom, dust pan, and mop. The caterer/renting party is responsible for emptying all trash cans in the outside dumpster, sweeping, wiping off all countertops (cleaner will be provided), and mopping if necessary.

The Alpine Art Center will look for cleanliness, damage, and if any items above have been used. The renting party will forfeit the full $200 security deposit if any of the above rules have not been adhered to. In addition to the security deposit, it is understood that the Alpine Art Center expects to be compensated for any additional cleanup or services that may be provided. Extra cleanup charges are $85/hour.

For any questions regarding this policy, speak to the Event Director (prior to event) or Event Host (during event).


Alpine Art Center Management