Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Question: “Can I cut my own cake and serve it to my guests?”

Answer: Yes, but only if you are doing all your own catering. If we do your catering we require that we cut your cake and serve it. We cut it, plate it and clean up the tables for a minimal service charge.

  • Question: “What is the seating capacity of the Alpine Art Center?”

Answer: We can seat 300 theater style, 180 for a sit down dinner, 360 -400 for a dance, and 600-700 for a reception (come and go).

  • Question: “What do I need to do to reserve the Alpine Art Center?”

Answer: You need to determine which day it is you want to reserve, either Daytime hours 10:00 am to 3:00 pm or Evening hours 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm, and putting down a deposit, which is 1/2 the rental cost.

  • Question: “When do I need to pay for everything?”

Answer: We ask that you first put down a deposit to reserve the date of your event and two weeks before your event pay for the balance.

  • Question: “Can I bring in my own catering?”

Answer: Yes you can. However, we have a great menu and catering staff that can do most everything you desire so we ask that you please give us the opportunity of serving you first.

  • Question: “May we throw rice after the ceremony and reception?”

Answer: We ask that you please do not. We know that this is a tradition in many areas but because of the danger to birds and the extra cleanup we ask that you do not. This includes: birdseed, confetti, or fireworks [sparklers]. Bubbles are allowed.

  • Question: “Do you allow alcohol at the Alpine Art Center?”

Answer: Yes, but with a few restrictions. It is required that you provide all the sevice for the alcohol, including bartender and servers. There is an additional service charge in order to cover the extra cleanup.

  • Question: “Can we burn candles at the Alpine Art Center?”

Answer: Yes it is allowed. However we ask that you provide a safe candle and please make sure it doesn’t drip on the tables, linens or floor.

  • Question: “Can we rent the Alpine Art Center for other than a Reception and or Wedding?”

Answer: Why certainly. We have held all kinds of events. Quinceaneras, Dances, Reunions, Wedding Anniversaries, School Awards Dinners, Art Shows, Stockholders Meetings, and Concerts to name a few.

  • Question: ” Do you have a list of preferred vendors that you will give me?”

Answer: Yes. Just go to our Vendor Page then look up the category.

  • Question: “Do you have a calendar of booked events and free dates available?”

Answer: Because dates change so much we do not post a calendar now. Please call for Dates at 801-763-7173 and talk to one of our Wedding Coordinators.

  •  Question: “Can I have my ceremony at the Alpine Art Center if I don’t rent it for either the Day or Evening rental charge?”

Answer: Yes, but only if you book the Art Center no more than within 30 days of  your event. If you want to reserve it more than 30 days in advance you will be required to pay the Day or Evening rental charge plus the cost of the Ceremony.

  • Question: “Are there any refunds of our deposit for a cancellation or a transfer to another date?”

Answer: Yes, but please read the rental agreement at time of booking. There may be penalty charges for cancellations and transfers.