The Alpine Art Center does in house catering. We have an excellent staff that prepares your food on location so that it is the best possible for your event. We use the freshest and highest quality products to insure your complete satisfaction. Our chefs have been employed exclusively here for the past 13 years and have perfected our diverse and delectable meals and dessert buffets. Try us, you will not be disappointed.

FANCY CHEESECAKE BUFFET Delicious variety of cheesecakes, gourmet cakes, served per plate or buffet $395/100
BEVERAGES Raspberry Lemonade, Sparkling Grape, Peach Delight, Cherry Sensation, Choose one beverage only. Lemon Ice Water (no charge when ordered with a beverage item and full price when ordered as the beverage.) $125/100 Soft Drinks:$1.75 / person Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, Orange, Dr. Pepper, Pepsi

WEDDING BUFFET DESSERTS Wedding Sheet Cakes, Cookies: Macadamia, Chocolate Chip, Sugar,  $140/100 Fruit and Cream Pies, Fruit Tarts, Cheesecake with toppings, Raspberry and Lemon Cream Puffs,  Dessert Bars: Lemon, Raspberry, Chocolate Brownies (100 min order per item) $160/100     Chocolate Éclairs, Crepes, Parfaits    $180/100

SANDWICHES Cocktail Roll (Ham, Turkey, Chicken or Seafood Salad), Wraps (Ham, Turkey, Vegetarian) (100 min order per item) $175/100  Croissant Sandwich (Chicken or Seafood Salad) $195/100

FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Seasonal Fruit Tray or Waldorf salad, or Vegetable Platter (When ordered for entire reception party) $160/100 (Same as appetizer price when ordered in less than 100 quantities)

MEATS AND CHEESES Sliced meat variety tray, or Cheese and Crackers Platter, or Breads and Spreads (When ordered for entire reception party) $160/100 (Same as appetizer price when ordered in less than 100 quantities)

HOT Sweet and Sour Meat Balls, Shrimp and Cocktail tray, Quesadillas, Buffalo Honey Wings, Hot Wings, Stuffed Mushrooms, (100 minimum order per item) $180/100

COLD Fresh Fruit Tray, Fresh Vegetable Tray, Meat Variety Tray, Cheese and Cracker Tray (100 minimum per Tray) $180/100

BEVERAGE BAR Non Alcohol Bar $3.75 /person – Punch and Water Bar $2.25 /person – Coffee and Tea Station $2.50 /person

CHOCOLATE BUFFET Chocolate Fountain Rental $350.00 includes chocolate for 200 (each additional 100 persons $30) Available with: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, or White Chocolate. Chocolate Fountain Buffet (Includes variety of choc items and beverage) $299/100 (Chocolate items only – No beverage item) $229/100

Dipping Items: Strawberries, Bananas, Pineapple, Mini-Cream Puffs, Rice Crispy Treats, Marshmallows, Pretzels, Rolled Wafers, Cookies

GOURMET PIE BUFFET A delicious variety of Pies baked fresh $395/100 (You choose two and we will add three for a minimum of five flavors)

Lemon Meringue, Lemon Layer, Chocolate Meringue, Key Lime, Chocolate Cream, Cookies & Cream, Coconut Cream, Banana Cream, Strawberry & Cream, Chocolate Layer, Fresh Baked Apple, Fresh Baked Cherry, Fresh Baked Razzle Berry, Pumpkin, New York Cheesecake Variety

Sparkling Italian Ice Soda Beverage. 12 oz. (Includes Cream) Bar Includes: Variety of syrups (Raspberry, Orange, Cherry, French Vanilla, Peppermint, Kiwi, Strawberry) $2.95 each