Music is a great way to bring your guests together to PARTY! Having the perfect wedding playlist is so important to have in order to set the vibe for the whole evening. Want bangers so your guests will dance? Want smooth jazz to set a classy tone throughout the evening? Want all your favorite songs so you can sing along all night? Here are some tips and inspiration in order to create your perfectly curated ultimate wedding playlist: 

Ceremony Music

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Music can easily set the tone for the whole event. For a ring ceremony, music is typically slower and romantic. This creates for a more dramatic moment while you walk down the aisle to your (almost) spouse. Some brides perfectly time their procession song so that they start their walk down the aisle at a specific part in the song. They do it where the song gets bigger and louder and the words being sung will flow in order to create the perfect moment. 

The song to choose:




Luncheon Music

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Typically for a luncheon, brides like to keep it classy and casual. This can either be done by a jazzy playlist or a playlist created with the perfect background music. Luncheons tend to be more intimate with fewer guests, or just those super important people 

The song to choose:



Reception Music

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Let the party begin! Most brides want a full on party for their reception. If that sounds like your kinda night, a playlist full of popular, sing-along songs is your way to go. You’ll want a mix of current favs and classic throwbacks to get everybody dancing and singing. Make it a night to remember! 

The song to choose:



First dance/private last dance

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Your first dance or private last dance is guaranteed to be one of the most special moments at your wedding. Whether you do it in front of all your guests or just in front of your photographer at the end of the night, the perfect song is needed to create this beautiful moment. A moment where you and your new spouse can reflect on the day and the vows you made to one another. Pick a song that reminds you of your time together or one that has special meaning. Enjoy these moments, as it’s your first dance together as newlyweds! 

The song to choose:




Now that you’ve created your perfectly curated playlist, we hope your night is filled with dancing, singing and laughing. Creating the perfect playlist can help make these moments just a little more special. 


Written by: Kayla Stolper, Assistant Director of Events